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Auto Dealership vs...

Auto Dealership vs...

Tesla Showroom

Tesla Showroom



What's the big difference between the old way of the car dealership experience vs. the new way of the Tesla showroom?  Ordering exactly what you want vs. buying whatever they have on the lot with ALMOST (but not quite) everything you want.

The rail public transportation world is very much like the car dealer experience, where we are buying the Light Rail/Heavy Rail/Commuter Rail that is on the lot.  "It's like it's almost what we want..., it has the color, the rims, the navigation,... but they don't have the hybrid in stock with the spoiler on the back."  Where is the transportation showroom experience where we order exactly what we want and need to the detail? 

 Car Dealers associations have fought to keep their old way of doing things, even by using the law to keep Tesla from doing business in certain states... Tesla eventually prevails, but not without a fight.... and the average American is growing more and more open to the experience of ordering a car exactly how they want it.  HyRail is akin to this experience where we have the specifications on what we want and we can put in our order.  


Big Money has been in our transportation system since the beginning.  In fact, Los Angeles once had the largest electrified rail transit system in THE WORLD built by Henry Huntington and others as a way to sell homes across Socal.  Then the next wave of big money came in and ripped up the system to build freeways and busses across the southland.  Big money has been good to Southern California and America... until it wasn't!

There are many examples of places in America where the people vote for rail and then special interests come in and kill the projects; even when rail was the most cost effective option.  This war goes all the way to the top as written about in this New York Times article as well as other articles



In the late 1990's a Public Private Partnership was created to build a rail transportation option along the I-70 Corridor from Denver to the Mountainous ski town of Vail, CO.  High Speed Monorail (previous name for HyRail) was chosen as the mode of choice.  The people were behind it and all was set to go.  Much like LA in the '90's where a select few people in Beverly Hills and the west side temporarily (20 years) stopped the subway from going west, a select few in Colorado stopped the train in its tracks.  They disbanded the project and widened the freeway instead at a much higher $$ cost.  The silver lining though is that we now have the PPP template and financing package available for HyRail in Southern California.

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