Join team HyRail on Tuesday Sept 11

Team HyRail is up to some big stuff and we are looking for inspired people to join our quest to support Metro in saving $6 Billion on the Sepulveda Pass by choosing HyRail.  The Sepulveda Pass has a steep grade of 5%, which is too much for our current stock of Light and Heavy Rail to climb, but a HyRail can climb double that at 10%, saving us billions from having to tunnel.  We've recently had meetings with high level officials in Metro and community transit organizations in SoCal.  We are ready to grow and are looking for amazing inspired individuals to join us in the cause to...

1. Educate and enroll the county to go over the pass rather than tunnel under using LIM technology.

2. Use Savings to fund LAX-DTLA local/express service via Harbor sub and Prairie ave in Inglewood, accessing new stadiums and housing development.

3. Build Crenshaw to Hollywood and give Weho its own brand new rail line

To RSVP, click the "Join the Campaign" here or on the homepage and tell us what interests you.  Share with your friends

We look forward to meeting you


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