Harbor Subdivision Quad


One of the most important new corridors to develop in the past 5 years is Prairie ave in Inglewood, CA.  One of the most neglected areas in the region is South Los Angeles.  This area also happens to have the last remaining open corridor for a direct link between LAX and Downtown LA.  As it currently stands, this important link has no funding.  The Question begs, how do we get new money for this very important link before the Olympics?  All of these factors contribute to this line being known to us as the Big Kahuna, creating a one-two-three punch in the people/communities it serves. 

Not only is the largest, most expensive stadium in mankind history being built here, attached to it is a 6,000 seat theater and thousands of new housing units.  The word of the Clippers building a stadium here is a very real possibility, creating 4 major sports and performance venues in a corridor yet served by rail.  HyRail has a plan for this...

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Feature 1

We believe that by using the up to $6 Billion in savings from the Sepulveda Pass HyRail and the $1 Billion savings from the West Santa Ana Branch corridor and Gold Line East, we can create a brand new line from scratch with both Local and Premium Express service on a 4 track system from LAX to Downtown LA.  The entire line would be 15.4 miles to Union Station and would cost around $4.6 Billion.  These costs and the alignment would be shared with the WSAB into downtown from Slauson north bringing that number down considerably.  It would begin at LAX's Transit hub with a direct connection and through service to the SF Valley along the Sepulveda Pass HyRail line.  It would continue east along Century bl into Inglewood, then turning north along Prairie, hitting the sports and entertainment district.  It would then continue along the Harbor Subdivision through South LA into a Downtown terminus at Union Station.  The new express service creates an opportunity for premium revenue generating service with 15 min access to LAX from Union Station.

*Corridor from Slauson to Union Station is shared with the West Santa Ana Branch under the HyRail Plan Go There→


South LA, you can have it all

South LA is one of the most transit dependent and park poor areas in the entire metropolitan area and to satisfy voters of Measures M&R, metro has to build lines to all corners of the county.  Under Metro's current funding plans, the railroad tracks of the Harbor Subdivision will be torn up for much needed bike/pedestrian/park space in park-scarce South LA known as the Rail to River Corridor.  In the future when funding becomes available, they plan to tear up this very same community asset to build a Light Rail or Commuter Rail style service.  Although improvements are desired for high capacity rail, this should not come at a cost to the parkway, bike, and pedestrian amenities.  With HyRail, South LA can have it all, the Rail-to-River improvements at ground level AND a Quad Track HyRail elevated above it.  


The olympics, Conventions, and more

The Harbor Subdivision HyRail is THE high capacity transit option the city has been looking for.  It is a brand new link for visitors to travel between the Airport, Olympic Venues in Inglewood, and the hotels, events, and nightlife of Downtown LA.  With 4 tracks allowing both local and premium express service, Metro can coordinate special Olympic Shuttle routes without interfering with service on the local lines.  Currently there is no funding for this line in time for the 2028 Olympics... HyRail makes this possible. 

Many cities around the world have calling cards for their transit systems.  London has the "Tube," Chicago has the "L," Vancouver has the "Skytrain," Los Angeles used to have the "Red Cars and Yellow Cars." Isn't it time we create a new one?  We welcome the world to LA in 2028!  Riding the "Los Angeles HyRail" will be the legacy that people remember.